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Say yes to the soap dress: My wedding dress story

and my wedding dress story…

I am often reminded that I need to be selective of what I watch, because I am easily influenced by it. And I am not the only one. That is why I cannot watch horror films, my mind seems to record the scary images, and brings them back to me when I am asleep, in the form of the worst nightmare.

For a while I was watching videos of “Hairdresser reacts to…” and before you knew it, I wanted to get highlights done, and I did. I stopped watching him before I was persuaded to do more drastic things and also because he had way too many ads for my patience.

Then I went through a period of watching “Say yes to the dress” clips, and hence these soaps. I particularly liked the Lancaster ones, Gok seems to be half a therapist and half a stylist. By far this was my favorite episode.

I find these “Say yes to dress” episodes curious and sometimes funny. And perhaps I lived vicariously through some of them. I did not have a “shopping for the dress” in person experience, and not that I miss or regret that, but it is fun now to view other people’s experiences.

Because I did not entertain dreams of being married for most of my life, (I had decided to stay single since I was 12), I came to the wedding plans with a very practical approach once they happened.
My plan was to turn this dress:

(that I had worn to a company Christmas party), into a wedding gown; by replacing the black lace with Ivory beaded lace I had found on Etsy, I had a seamstress from a dry cleaning place do it. The problem was, that although I had managed to squeeze myself into the dress, (despite not being as skinny as I was when I originally wore the dress), that once I tried it with the underskirt I had purchased to make it look more bridal, it didn’t look good. So with a few months to spare I decided to buy a “real” bridal gown.

I went to a bridal store by myself, looked at the dresses, chose one and asked if I could try it on. I was told “No”. I needed to make an appointment prior. I did not understand it, I was there, the gown was in my hand, I could see the trying rooms, but apparently they wanted to force me to go through the experience, the one that probably helps them sell the most expensive dresses, with the mother of the bride and such. I just wanted a dress, I didn’t need the experience. So I left and focused my search online instead. My sister and mom, who did not like the idea of the repurposed dress to begin with, offered to buy it for me. After some searching I stumbled upon a used wedding dress site, and found one that was pretty, reasonably priced and the measurements matched mine. And here it is:

Here is the recipe, video and ingredients for the soap:


1 tsp of Shimmering White Clouds Mica powder


Oval cavity Molds from Nurture Soap


1.32 oz of Red wine from Nurture Soap (discontinued). I would suggest this one instead:

Champagne Fragrance oil


Equipment and Supplies list


Made with Soap dough and hand shaped, however,

This dress mold could work .

Or if you decide to make the dress yourself, here are some texturing sheets that would work as well to add detail to it:

Garden glory texturing sheet

Fleur de Liz texturing sheet

Recipe Totals

Liquid Required6.84 oz193.91 g
NaOH Weight2.52 oz71.44 g
Oil Weight18 oz510.29 g
Fragrance Oil Weight0.54 oz15.31 g
Total Batch Weight28.27 oz801.45 g
Lye Concentration26.92%
Liquid : Lye Ratio2.71 :1
Saturated : Unsaturated43:57

Recipe Oils, Fats and Waxes

Olive Oil397.02199.01
Tallow Beef264.68132.68
Coconut Oil, 76 deg234.14117.37
Castor Oil61.0830.62
Shea Butter61.0830.62

Custom Additives

Add with the liquid
Sodium Lactate (it helps remove soap from cavity molds)2 tsp
Add at trace
Tetrasodium EDTA0.5 ml

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