soap making

Making a Cherry blossoms Soap

Light blue and pink soap with cherry blossom flowers

With the arrival of the Spring (if we can call it that in the Gulf coast), I felt the urge to make another cherry blossoms soap. Recently I learned that in Japan, the cherry blossoms mark the arrival of Spring. By contrast, in Texas the arrival of Spring is marked by pollen, it is like a green blanket that covers cars and driveways. Which is why I can totally relate to this video.

Last time I made a Cherry Blossoms soap, the colors turned a bit stronger than l anticipated. So this time I will use a lot less colorant, in hopes of pastel like colors.

Here is a link to this soap in the Store. Or you can view below if you are a soap maker yourself and want to see ingredients and equipment used:

**Please note that a lot of the supplies listed below are affiliate links.


Divide soap batter into half and color each with:


Square individual cavity mold


1 oz of Cherry Blossoms from Bramble berry. It can rice and accelerate. Brambleberry advises to mix it with equal amounts of oils, (could be from the recipe) and warm that mix up to 100° F to diminish this.


Equipment and supplies


I made them with pink soap dough

I used miniature cutters similar to these below to make the petals:



Recipe Oils, Fats and Waxes

Oil % Ounces Grams
Olive Oil 30 4.8 136.08
Tallow Beef 30 4.8 136.08
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 25 4 113.4
Castor Oil 8 1.28 36.29
Shea Butter 7 1.12 31.75
Total 100 16 453.59

Custom Additives

Add at trace
EDTA mixed with water 0.24 ounce

Recipe Totals

Liquid Required 4.71 oz 133.44 g
NaOH Weight 2.14 oz 60.74 g
KOH Weight 0.18 oz 4.98 g at 90% Purity
Lye Weight 2.32 oz 65.73 g
Oil Weight 16 oz 453.59 g
Fragrance Oil Weight 1 oz 28.35 g
Superfat   5%
Total Batch Weight 24.27 oz 687.92 g

(when I made this soap, I used 40% lye to water concentration, which contributed to ricing. The above liquid calculation is equal to 33% lye to water concentration)

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