soap making

Aurora Borealis Soap

Last year I started watching a multi talented artist in YouTube. She is from Sweden and is a painter, photographer, singer, musician, etc. Several of her videos include footage of the Aurora Borealis, and that was partially what inspired me to make this soap.

If you want to learn more about the Aurora Borealis or Northern lights, you can visit this page. It is explained in simple terms compared to the wikipedia page.

This soap gave me the chance to try several neon pigments I had bought. For fragrance, I chose Winter Wonderland as it seemed to go well with the snow filled winters that the North of Sweden experiences for half of the year. (I was surprised to learn that, they only have winter and summer, and they last 6 months each) During their winter, it is mostly dark all the time, and they barely get any sun. During the summer, is it mostly light outside even at night.

I was curious to see if the soap neon pigments would behave the same way neon face paints do under UV light, and it seems that the pink-turned-orange did:

Not that I am planning to bathe under UVA/black lights, but good to know what would happen should I choose to. The fragrance seemed to accelerate the trace some, which most fragrances are bound to do with my soap recipe (that has 55% or so of hard butters and fats). So I do want to attempt this soap again sometime in the future, but for now, here are the links to supplies and the recipe:

Recipe Totals

Liquid Required10.23 oz290.08 g
NaOH Weight5.04 oz142.88 g
Oil Weight36 oz1020.58 g
Fragrance Oil Weight1.8 oz51.03 g
Total Batch Weight53.07 oz1504.57 g
Lye Concentration33%
Liquid : Lye Ratio2.03 :1

Recipe Oils, Fats and Waxes

Olive Oil3914.04398.03
Tallow Beef269.36265.35
Coconut Oil, 76 deg238.28234.73
Castor Oil62.1661.23
Shea Butter62.1661.23


10″ Silicone loaf mold from Nurture Soap or 10″ Silicone loaf mold from BrambleBerry

21 oz navy blue, add 2 tsp of navy blue mica

Divide the rest into fourths, 7 oz each  with 1/2 tsp of yellow, green, pink and purple


2 tsp Dark navy blue

1/2 tsp Fluorescent Neon Purple from Nurture Soap

1/2 tsp Pink neon pigment from Nurture Soap (I have the older one that turns to orange in soap), or you can get Pink Neon mica from Make your own

1/2 tsp Neon yellow pigment

1/2 tsp Fluorescent Neon Green from Nurture Soap


1.8 oz of Winter Wonderland

**Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means a tiny percentage of any purchase you make using them will be credited it to me, and that helps keep me motivated to share this blog. 😉

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