soap making

Chessboard Soap

I have had a chessboard soap in my idea list for a while. I remember when I added it: I had just done the Alice in Wonderland Soap and I started reading the follow up book: Through the Looking Glass; which is pretty much a chess game in narrative, though I did not know that while reading it. I had seen a chessboard soap design in facebook once. (It was a post in the Saponification nation group, by Elena Simovonian).

So, when I read the description of The Welded Soap Challenge for the SMF group, I thought this might be the opportunity to attempt to make it.

The above link to the challenge has all the resources we were given, by the way. The technique was described and shown by Grace E. Holloway (

Unfortunately, most of my soap pieces did not stay together; and I think I know why. After the fact, I decided to compare my recipe to Grace’s recipe and realized mine has less fluid oils than her. Additionally, my colorants (Activated Charcoal and Titanium Dioxide) usually cause the soap batter to thicken, which makes me think they absorb water. I did have a handful of soap bars that stayed together, but in squares rather than in the rectangular shape they were supposed to have. My husband thinks that square shapes look better for a chess board pattern, so that was encouraging.

Chess board soap

This is the recipe that I used. (which, again, I do not recommend for this technique based on my low success rate).

For fragrance, I blended these:

  • Clean Cotton from Lone Star Candle Supply
  • Black Raspberry Vanilla from Nature’s Garden
  • Musk fragrance formulator from Wholesale Supplies Plus



10″ Silicone loaf mold from BrambleBerry


Equipment and Supplies I use.

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