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Lapis Lazuli Soap

You may have seen a previous post of the making of lapis lazuli out of soap dough. If you have not, here is a link.

I got to use those embeds in this soap, which I did not color except for a small portion.  The recipe got thick fast (a combination of hard oils and water discount probably contributed it to this).  I worked with a discoloring fragrance and used a stamp with gold mica.  The best part is that It smells like almond extract!  Not exactly a fragrance that goes with the design, but since piping and dessert like looking soaps are not my thing, this will have to do!


After making the soap and these embeds, I get a new perspective when I read the Bible and a verse talks about lapis lazuli.  It depends on the version that you read, but apparently some versions mention sapphire instead of lapis.  I read a commentary that said that it was most likely lapis that the original writers were referring to and not our modern day sapphire .  Here is a link if you want to read more on that.

Here is a video of the making of the soap, and below the recipe I used and supplies.


Needed Ingredients

Ingredient Gram(s) Ounce(s) Pounds(s) Oil %
Lard 316.38 11.16 0.70 31%
Cocoa Butter 132.68 4.68 0.29 13%
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 255.15 9 0.56 25%
Rice Bran Oil 255.15 9 0.56 25%
Ricinus Oil (Castor Oil) 61.23 2.16 0.14 6%
Ingredient Gram(s) Ounce(s) Pounds(s) Batch %
Lye – NaOH 100% Purity (5% Superfat) 141.93 5.01 0.31 9.68%
Water (33% Lye + 67% Water Solution) 288.17 10.16 0.64 19.66%
Total Oils 1,020.58 36 2.25 69.62%
Soap Weight (Pre-Cook) 1,465.85 51.71 3.23 100%


Almond Cybilla (2 oz)


I bought my stamp several years ago at Hobby Lobby.  I no longer see it in their website, but I saw these  Texture sheet set. I am not sure if it will work, but you could also search for texture stamps.  The most similar I found, though much smaller, was this one.    Another option is to use crinkled aluminum foil to add the texture.


1/4 teaspoon of ultramarine pigment.

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