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Peacock feather soap

This is my third attempt at a peacock feather soap, and it did not quite turn out how I wanted it. It is not as bad as my last attempt, but not exactly what I had pictured. The fragrance was a bad behaving child that continued her misbehavior even after the cure. What is worse, is that I hate how it smells, I did a fragrance combination that included jasmine, and even though I only used jasmine at 20%, it overpowered the rest of the scents and perhaps not all jasmines smell like this one, but the brand I have, in my opinion, stinks in CP soap.

So what I am doing, is that I am attempting to make it become a fragrance free soap. I did this by accident once, when I forgot one bar of soap on the window sill for a while. (In a room I usually do not look at the window through). So, for whatever is worth, I have all bars by the window expecting the sun to do the same for them.

The actual process is pretty simple, a secret feather swirl, which requires three dividers, layering and a swirling tool that will be pushed down in the middle of the soap and then brought back up on one side.

In the video I mention the purple peacock feathers, and here are the comparison pictures as well as a link to read more about this mutation, were you so inclined.

Since this was a “failed” soap, imo, I do not have a step by step process.  However, I have pasted the recipe below, along with some tips for a better outcome.  More than likely I will try this design again, after all, if at first you don’t succeed….

‘Tis a lesson you should heed,
Try, try, try again,
If at first you don’t succeed,
Try, try, try again.
Then your courage should appear,
For if you will persevere,
You will conquer, never fear,
Try, try, try again…
~“Perseverance, or, Try Again,” in A Selection of Hymns and Poetry for the Use of Infant Schools and Nurseries, 1838

Needed Ingredients

Ingredient Gram(s) Ounce(s) Pounds(s) Oil %
Coconut Oil, 76 deg 283.50 10 0.63 25%
Rice Bran Oil 362.87 12.80 0.80 32%
Ricinus Oil (Castor Oil) 79.38 2.80 0.18 7%
Tallow, Beef 283.50 10 0.63 25%
Karite Butter (Shea) 124.74 4.40 0.28 11%
Ingredient Gram(s) Ounce(s) Pounds(s) Batch %
Lye – NaOH 100% Purity (5% Superfat) 156.31 5.51 0.34 9.53%
Water (32% Lye + 68% Water Solution) 332.17 11.72 0.73 20.25%
Total Oils 1,133.98 40 2.50 69.15%
Soap Weight (Pre-Cook) 1,639.94 57.85 3.62 100%

What went wrong:

  • It became too thick, too quickly.  I tried this recipe with a different fragrance, same temperature, brought only to emulsion with no colorants, and it stayed fluid.


  • Use a tried a true well behaving fragrance.  Do not stick blend colorant, whisk it in.

What went wrong:

  • Not enough white/uncolored soap batter


  • Make a larger batch, more than needed for mold (use smaller molds for leftover) and only color green about 1/4 of the soap batter green.

Here is the video:

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