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I love to create beautiful soap bars that smell great. A soap that makes you smile when you get in the shower, or that is scented with a fragrance that transports you to a happy place.

Set of four white soaps featuring a peacock them through thin piped lines
Peacock soap with embroidery technique

In our busy days, our time in the shower may be one of the few moments of the day where we can connect with our bodies, mind and senses. My goal is to enhance the shower experience from a mundane task to a moment of self care and relaxation. And I do this with a fragrant soap bar made of gentle oils and fats, and free of detergents.

My soaps also make great gifts and are well received! Whether you are shopping for someone who has it all, (I bet you they do not have soap like these), or want to surprise a loved one with a unique gift, scented with fragrances they love or a theme they love (I make custom sets too). I hope you can find something for them or yourself here. Contact me or go to the Store to start your order. I can recommend specific soaps for the person you have on mind or suggest custom sets.

While you may think the soap is “too pretty” to be used, remember that it was created to be used, as a practical art expression. Admire it for a few weeks prior if you must, and let it fragrance the room you keep it in, but after a while, do use it, as it allows me to keep creating more.

My soaps usually include coconut oil, beef tallow, shea butter or cocoa butter, olive oil and castor oil. For colorants I use pigment oxides, clays, cosmetic grade micas and glitter and biodegradable glitter.

My Soap Environmental Responsibility

To help the environment and avoid overuse of plastic, my soaps travel surrounded by colorful paper shreds inside a card stock gift box, with an ingredient list card. At times, however, bubble wrap is needed to protect the decorations. I reuse bubble wraps from purchases I have made and encourage you to recycle it or reuse it after receiving it.

Bath bombs need to be sealed to avoid moisture activation, so that is the only product that I currently shrink wrap (in plastic).

I am personally concerned about the environment, and in my soap studio, I avoid single-use plastic or single use paper containers or utensils, preferring ceramic, glass and metal utensils instead. I also reuse the same pair of nitrile gloves until they give their last breath!

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