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Peacock Embroidered Soap

I got to make another peacock soap! this time with a different technique and it is for the soap challenge club.  It is the embroidery technique which Soaping 101 first published in video several years ago.   The first step was to make the "canvas"  soap.  Which I  tried to make white.  I did not quite… Continue reading Peacock Embroidered Soap

soap making

Alice in Wonderland Soap

Last year,  I read the story of the Wizard of Oz, to get details for my Soap called Emerald City  Reading that inspired me to read other story tales, which also lead to the Cinderella Soap. Eventually I came to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and I was truly enchanted by it.  I found it funny… Continue reading Alice in Wonderland Soap

soap making

Golden Roses Soap

I am in a quest to use up the discoloring fragrances I have been avoiding.  The one I used for this soap was Relaxing by Brambleberry.  The listed vanillin content is 9%, so I thought this would get really dark.  However, it seems I may not have used enough. Here is Brambleberry's fragrance calculation for… Continue reading Golden Roses Soap

soap making

Stormy Clouds Soap

I was having a hard time choosing the colors for this soap, and at last the inspiration came from the cover of the book I had started reading / listening to: I will write more about this fascinating book below, but for now I will focus in the soap: I liked that the color scheme… Continue reading Stormy Clouds Soap

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Making Blueberries with soap dough

This is probably one of the easiest fruits to make with soap dough.  Especially if you go with the simplest version.  (I made several versions!)  One of the reasons why I prefer to hand make my embeds vs getting a mold/mould, is because 1. I have a problem with hoarding tendencies!! 2. since I am… Continue reading Making Blueberries with soap dough

soap making

Sunflowers Soap

***For the recipe, scroll down for it or click here for the video*** I felt like painting with soap recently, and once again, I turned to Vincent Vang Gogh for inspiration.  I had previously done soap versions of his Almond Blossoms and his famous Starry Night. So this time, I went with his sunflower paintings.  He… Continue reading Sunflowers Soap

soap making

Tea Party Soap

Several years ago, I was in  a women's class at church where in one session, we were encouraged to purchase a tea cup and saucer, and set time apart to drink tea, and probably read too (It was a looooong time ago, so  I do not remember all!).  It sounded very British to me, and… Continue reading Tea Party Soap

soap making

Lapis Lazuli Soap

You may have seen a previous post of the making of lapis lazuli out of soap dough. If you have not, here is a link. I got to use those embeds in this soap, which I did not color except for a small portion.  The recipe got thick fast (a combination of hard oils and… Continue reading Lapis Lazuli Soap

soap making

Summer Sunshine

When I was told the name of this collaboration, my mind immediately went to the song "You are my sunshine". It is one of my favorite songs. I heard it for the first time while watching Star Trek with my husband a few years ago. I know the song is older, but I did not… Continue reading Summer Sunshine